HELLO! It’s me and I’m back again with an AMAZING award that I was recently nominated for by Rain called the All Dolled Up award! How fucking amazing is this award? I mean we all know her blog is fucking gorgeous and she’s INCREDIBLE but this award is so creative and I absolutely LOVE it,Read more


So, I’ve amassed quite a few books over the last few weeks that all seem to be green..? I swear it wasn’t planned, BUT now I’m thinking the universe is trying to tell me something, I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT. Like maybe I’m going to win $1,000,000,000 next week?! I’ll keep you all updated ifRead more

CURRENTLY OBSESSED: The 100, graphic novels, and more…

Now that I’m back to the blogging grind I wanted to jump right in to a new currently obsessed post! These are my absolute favorite posts to make, obviously, because I get to talk about everything I’ve been loving recently. So let’s get to it! First off, I started watching The 100 on Netflix andRead more