HELLO! It’s me and I’m back again with an AMAZING award that I was recently nominated for by Rain called the All Dolled Up award! How fucking amazing is this award? I mean we all know her blog is fucking gorgeous and she’s INCREDIBLE but this award is so creative and I absolutely LOVE it,Read more


Hello!! Alas, I am embarking on a big adventure, the adventure of adventures…a READING QUEST. This reading quest was created by the lovely Aentee over at Read at Midnight and you can find her introduction and the rules of game play over on her page! The AMAZING art done for the reading quest was done byRead more


So, I’ve amassed quite a few books over the last few weeks that all seem to be green..? I swear it wasn’t planned, BUT now I’m thinking the universe is trying to tell me something, I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT. Like maybe I’m going to win $1,000,000,000 next week?! I’ll keep you all updated ifRead more

[T5W]- Top 5 book covers I’d totally live in..

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey and Samantha over on Goodreads and this week’s topic is 5 book covers you’d like to be transported into! This is actually an interesting one for me because I feel like a lot of fantasy books (which I mostly read) don’t typically have aesthetically pleasing covers…IRead more

CURRENTLY OBSESSED: The 100, graphic novels, and more…

Now that I’m back to the blogging grind I wanted to jump right in to a new currently obsessed post! These are my absolute favorite posts to make, obviously, because I get to talk about everything I’ve been loving recently. So let’s get to it! First off, I started watching The 100 on Netflix andRead more

[Tag]- Get to know me uncomfortably well…

I’ve seen this tag going around and figured it would be a perfect way to start ABookishBelle I initially saw the tag on FictionTea‘s blog and then hopped over to read PaperRiot’s post here.  With that being said here goes nothing.. 1. What is your middle name? I actually don’t have a middle name. I thinkRead more