CURRENTLY OBSESSED; Red Rising, Stranger Things, Copenhagen & more



Anyway, I’ve decided to start keeping things fucking real here so if you’re not prepared for a whole lotta cursing, incoherent words about fandoms, and/or weird ass rambly shit, this may not be the place for you… 

I sort of..kind of.. hate reading/writing typical review/wrap-up/whatever posts. So I’ve started my aesthetic/playlist reviews for some of my most recent and favorite reads. In addition to those, I really enjoy doing these types of posts on things I’m currently obsessing over whether it be books, movies, clothes, food, WHATEVER. So here we are. Things I’m currently obsessed with this month..

1// Aesthetic Boards 

Are these out yet? I’m really not sure.. Bear with me here, If every trend falls somewhere on a bell curve I’d say aesthetic boards are somewhere at the top about to make their descent. Putting that aside, I really couldn’t give two shits about that because I fucking love them so until I’m tired of doing it I’LL MAKE ALL THE AESTHETIC BOARDS IN THE WORLD. The board above is one I made for my WIP thats not even a WIP bc it doesn’t exist except in the deep, dark abyss of my mind… 

2// Red Rising Series 

GUYS. HAVE YOU READ THE RED RISING TRILOGY BY PIERCE BROWN?! I listened to the first two on audio and I absolutely fucking LOVED them. The narrator is BLOODY BRILLIANT. AND I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH EVERY GOREYDAM CHARACTER. I’m reading/listening to Morningstar now so expect a review when I finish because this series has made me feel all sorts of emotions. T-MINUS 76 DAYS UNTIL IRON GOLD

3// Stranger Things 

Pretty much the whole world is obsessed with Stranger Things, especially this week as the second season just came out on Netflix. For some ODD reason, I never watched the first season when it came out, even though I just knew I would love it. Why? because sometimes I’m an idiot, what can I say?? Well, not to worry friends, I just finished season one and I am FLYING through season two. I LOVE IT ALL. It’s everything I love in this goddamn world and I am alive.

4// Copenhagen, Denmark 

I’M GOING TO COPENHAGEN THIS CHRISTMAS! I’ve gone away to Europe the past two christmases to London and to Amsterdam so this year my family and I are going to Copenhagen since it’s one of the spots I did not get to go on during my Europe trip this summer. I know it’s going to be absolutely beautiful during the holiday season and I’m excited for all the winter festivals!! If you have any recommendations for the area, please let me know!

5// Edible Cookie Dough

Yes, you heard that right. EDIBLE. COOKIE. DOUGH. There’s a place in DC that makes edible cookie dough in jars and it’s to DIE FOR. They have the coolest flavors and you can even order it to be delivered TO YOUR DOORSTEP. I WOULD DIE FOR THIS COOKIE DOUGH IT’S THAT GOOD. 

So that’s all my for my current faves this month. Let me know if your fangirling over Stranger Things or Red Rising like me. Also, has anyone tried edible cookie dough!?!?!!? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

7 thoughts on “CURRENTLY OBSESSED; Red Rising, Stranger Things, Copenhagen & more

  1. OKAYY!! SO WHO SAID YOU HAD TO STOP MAKING THESE GORGEOUS AESTHETICS?!! 😐 I mean….are you REALLY thinking about depriving us that joy of looking at them? Nuh-uh. 😁 YOU KEEP MAKING THEM AND WE’LL KEEP LOVING. 😉❤ 😍❤

    Uhhhhh…..okay, THAT might be weird. So it means you hate my normal reviews as well?!?! Hahahahha!!! 😂😂 (No, in reality, I am sobbing. 😭😭)

    Oooohh!! I have never heard of The Red Rising Series. But…it sounds swell going by your description. Guess I’ll just have to read it now. 😁


  2. EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH??????!!?!?!!???? I NEED TO SEE THIS PLACE RIGHT NOW. And omg everyone is talking about the new Stranger Things season and I’m just there like…… hey… i don’t have Netflix :’) i honestly hate my life right now bc I REALLY WANNA SEE IT but I can’t afford Netflix BYEEEEE 😭

    And omg how have I never read the red rising series??? I’ve recently seen some more booktubers talk about how good it was so now I shall check it out! Thank for the rec Bella and what a fantastic post! I love me some good aesthetics ❤️

    1. HELLO HI HI JACKIE!! um you have to watch stranger things! Gurl if you need a Netflix login hmu bc I will totally give you mine! Also edible cookie dough is AMAZING. Seriously it’s almost as good as ice cream and you know how much I love ice cream. IGH RED RISING WAS AMAZING JUST FINISHED AND IM SOBBING!!!! You better read it!!

      1. HEY THERE BELLA <3 omg that would be AMAZING but please don't feel like you have to??? I don't want you to feel like I'm using you for it or anything?? 🙈💞 OMG THAT SOUNDS SO EXCITING???????? I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THE BOOK NOW AHHHHH

  3. Hahahah I love this post! So I really like the idea of aesthetic boards, but I’m just too lazy to make them haha. And where does everyone get their pictures? On pinterest? Anyways. I loooved the Red Rising series, but I may have not read Morning Star yet because I’m too scared. And Iron Gold is a companion series right? Hm. WOAH COPENHAGEN SOUNDS AWESOME.

    I love Stranger Things. I am halfway through the second season, but also don’t want to finish it too quickly. I’m trying to savor all the episodes, even though everyone and their mom have already finished it hahah.

    1. Thank you!! AESTHETIC BOARDS ARE SO HARD!!! Like deciding what pics to use!!! Do they look good together?!?! Idk!! Mine are shit compared to some booktubers and bloggers out there but they make me happy so that’s all that matters! I find pics on Pinterest and use picmonkey to make collages! OMG IM SO HAPPY YOUVE REad RED RISING J HAVE NO FRIENDS THAT HAVE READ T YET I NEED TO CONVERT EVERYONE. I totally get not wanting to read Morningstar I waited a while before I started bc I was ducking terrified but trust me it’s fucking worth the wait PLS READ IT SOON I NEED A BUDDY!!!! Just finished ST season 2 last night and I didn’t like it as much as the first but the last half of the season was really good!! Let me know why you thought!!

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