CURRENTLY OBSESSED: The 100, graphic novels, and more…

Now that I’m back to the blogging grind I wanted to jump right in to a new currently obsessed post! These are my absolute favorite posts to make, obviously, because I get to talk about everything I’ve been loving recently. So let’s get to it!

First off, I started watching The 100 on Netflix and OH MY GOD. GUYS. Why have I never watched this show?! I am seriously LIVING. This show has aged me 100 years and I’m only on episode 10, IT’S SO GOOD. I’ve heard the later seasons aren’t as good, but idk SOMEONE TELL ME! I’m already Bellarke trash someone sue me.

Aside from binge watching The 100 and The Office on Netflix, I recently watched all of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in about a week. ALL 64 EPISODES IN LESS THAN 7 DAYS. ok, it’s not that impressive but still. WOW I loved this show with all my heart! It was so perfect in every way and I wish it was longer. For people who are just getting into anime like me this is a perfect show to watch. The friendships were hilarious and fun to watch and I even loved the villains in the story. Ed was pretty much cranky and exasperated at everything (literally me) and Scar was grumpy and angry 24/7.


I’ve read a lot of books over the past few months and I even read a few graphic novels. I started reading Saga by Brian L. Vaughn because I saw that a lot of the people I follow had read it. I went to my library and checked out the first 4 volumes and flew through them! Granted, they take me like 15 minutes to read max.. I was kind of confused at first because the first volume started with Alana giving birth so I thought I was missing something but I quickly got into it. They are really weird but like good weird. I loved the concept and laughed out loud multiple times. Honestly, Alana reminds me of Lana from Archer (not just because of the name) they are both no nonsense badass women and I am totally here for that!

Lastly, I just finished up An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and BOY OH BOY. This book was soo much better than I thought it would be. It reminded my of The Winner’s Curse trilogy but with reversed roles. ELIAS AND LAIA ARE MY NEW KIDS. I LOVE THEM, OK? How amazing is this fanart by Victoria Queazada?! I’m thinking of doing a review for the book, let me know if that would be something you guys would like to see! This #Ember fanart from @victoria.quezada is so beautiful!!! (Victoria, I love the background, too). ❤❤#Repost
#Repost from @victoria.quezada
Not really feeling this background but then again I could have just been staring at this too long. It was a try I guess‍♀️ just An Ember in the Ashes fan art over here. @sabaatahir #anemberintheashes

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now.. I need to get back to binge watching The 100, IM ALMOST TO SEASON 2. If you watch, TELL ME IF ITS STILL GOOD I NEED TO KNOW. Also, have you guys seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “CURRENTLY OBSESSED: The 100, graphic novels, and more…

  1. OH YES I LOVE GRAPHIC NOVELS. Go read Nimona by Noelle Stevens. It’s literally my “staff recommendation” at the bookstore I work at. I love it so much. so good. so fantastic. SO EPIC.
    I need to read Saga! And watch the 100!! I know we already talked about how I need to watch the 100 but gifs are really good for convincing me to do things. Wow, I should go make gifs of the things in my life I need to do??
    That fanart is absolutely gorgeous I love it.
    I haven’t watched Full Metal Alchemist, but I have heard quite a bit about it. Maybe you should try Death Note?? I’ve heard plenty of lovely things about that one as well!

    1. I’ve seen Nimona everywhere but haven’t picked it up yet, NOW I MUST GET IT KRIS! UM yes I’ve already yelled at you to watch the 100 I WILL SEND YOU ALL THE GIFS IF IT GETS YOU TO WATCH. I NEED A FRIEND TO CRY WITH!!!! I’m thinking about doing a post with my favorite pieces of fan art bc there are really some amazing ones out there! And I’ve watched Death Note already it was my first anime I watched! I think I’m going to start HunterxHunter or Attack on Titan next!!

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