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I’m trying this new thing where instead of writing lengthy reviews for the books I read, I make an aesthetic board and short playlist to go along with the story. I will still give my thoughts on the book as well as a rating but it will be short and sweet, easy to read and hopefully help you decide if the book is worth picking up!

Okay, so, I recently finished reading Warcross by Marie Lu as part of my first buddy read with the one and only Kris @ lemon-notes! It was actually my first Marie Lu book and it did not disappoint. I loved the concept and it was an incredibly fast-paced, easy book to read.While I loved Emika, Hideo, and the team, I felt like their emotions and motives weren’t as fleshed out as I would have liked. I was attached to the characters and their journey but almost always felt like there was something important, plot-wise, that I was missing. Luckily, we can look forward to a sequel and hopefully more character development!! 

Anyway, here are some fabulous quotes from the book, my novel aesthetic board, and a playlist of songs that go with Warcross. If you click the Warcross aesthetic collage it will bring you to my Warcross pinterest board! You can also find a link to my Warcross playlist embedded below! Enjoy!!

Warcross Rating- 

Story Quotes 

“Every locked door has a key. Every problem has a solution.” 

“It is hard to describe loss to someone who has never experienced it, impossible to explain all the ways it changes you. But for those who have, not a single word is needed.” 


Warcross Playlist 

Dusk till Dawn // Zayn & Sia 

Blood Sweat & Tears // BTS 

Control // Halsey

Believer // Imagine Dragons 

Give Em’ Hell Kid // My Chemical Romance 

Breakn’ A Sweat // Skrillex 

Queen of the Night // Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 


 Let me know what you thought of Warcross and if you liked this style of book review from me! 

7 thoughts on “warcross; aesthetic & playlist

  1. This is such a great and fun way to talk about a book – I love it already 🙂 I really like that aesthetic (that fear, display, none CSS thing is ON POINT) and the playlist is so on point, with so many songs I love (that zayn-sia song, I am quite obsessed with it? ahah). I read and really loved Warcross, I can’t wait for the sequel, especially after that ending!

  2. WHY DID IT SAY I WASN’T FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG?????? WUT. I changed that now!!!!!!

    I’ll be reading Warcross over the weekend so I don’t know anything about it but I love the mood board! And I loooove Dusk Til Dawn so I’m glad you put it in this playlist ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you!! Me too! The ending was so perfect and left me hanging I NEED THE SECOND BOOK NOW!!!!

  3. Hey Isabella! ♥️ I LOVE the setup of your review! LOVE THE AESTETICS! There was a little something missing from Warcross as you said but I still ENJOYED it a lot! I’m looking forward to book 2 and whether Hideo becomes a total villain or NOT?!

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